12 Principals of the Delta Counties Coalition

Delta Counties Coalition

The Delta Counties Coalition believes that the management of the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta and greater Bay Delta Estuary must:

  1. Protect and improve water quality and water quantity in the Delta region and maintain appropriate Delta outflow for a healthy estuary;
  2. Protect the existing water right priority system and legislative protections established for the Delta;
  3. Respect and safeguard Delta Counties’ responsibilities related to land use, water resources, flood management, tax revenues, public health and safety, economic development, agricultural stability, recreation, and environmental protection in any new Delta governance structures;
  4. Represent and include local government in any new governance structures for the Delta;
  5. Protect the economic viability of agriculture and the ongoing vitality of communities in the Delta;
  6. Support rehabilitation, improvement and maintenance of levees throughout the Delta;
  7. Support the Delta pool concept; in which the common resource provides quality freshwater supply to all delta users, requiring mutual responsibility to maintain, restore and protect the common resource;
  8. Support immediate improvements to through-Delta conveyance;
  9. Require that any water conveyance plan for the Delta be aligned with the principles established by this resolution and supported by clearly demonstrated improvement to the entire state’s water management;
  10. Protect and restore the Delta ecosystem, including adequate water supply and quality to support it in perpetuity; and
  11. Include the study of storage options and implementation of conservation, recycling, re-use, and regional self sufficiency as part of a state-wide improved flood management and water supply system.
  12. Support those conservation actions that are aligned with the principles established by this resolution and that are in accordance with habitat plans and programs of the Delta Counties.